Priyanka Chopra Reveals Who Was Left Off the Guest List for Her Wedding to Nick Jonas

Here is Priyanka Chopra Reveals Who Was Left Off the Guest List for Her Wedding to Nick Jonas, from Brides

While many people would say that Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s three-day, two-ceremony, four-reception wedding qualifies as doing it big, Chopra said their wedding was small for an Indian affair.

“Usually Indian weddings are like 1,000 people at least,” Chopra said during a recent interview on The Ellen Degeneres Show. “We only had 200 people, which was mostly just family because both of us have giant families. Because I think we just wanted to keep it super intimate, about just family. For an Indian family and an Indian wedding, for sure, that’s like less. My mother was so upset with me the entire time. She was like, ‘I need to have another party for the 150,000 people I know. How can I not invite my jeweler? How can I not invite my hairdresser?’ So it was a whole conversation.”

In addition to the jeweler and the hairdresser not getting an invite, it looks like DeGeneres herself was also left off the list. DeGeneres rattled off a list detailing her long history with Nick Jonas—including being one of the first talk shows to have the JoBros as a guest and even being Jonas’s landlord at one point.

“We were so offended that you didn’t even respond to our invite though,” Chopra joked back, suggesting DeGeneres was definitely on the list.

“That’s not true,” DeGeneres said. “There was no invite.”

“That’s SO true,” Chopra joked. “I was like, ‘We’re not good enough for Ellen, she wouldn’t come to India. She doesn’t even respond anymore. Nick, you’ve had such a good relationship with her.’ I was very offended for him, honestly. But I’m just the wife. I don’t really know anything.”

Why they couldn’t settle the invitation dispute, Chopra and DeGeneres could agree one thing—how great Jonas is!

“He’s a good-looking guy,” DeGeneres said. “And he’s a sweet guy too.”

Chopra couldn’t agree more. “He’s nice,” she gushed. “ It shocks me how he hasn’t been corrupted—you know when you’re in entertainment such a long time. He’s so family-driven, about his parents, he’s just really nice and sweet.”

Chopra knew nothing of her husband’s great qualities until they met online. Before that, Chopra admits she was not familiar with his boy-band past. “I actually didn’t know much about—everyone knew the Jonas Brothers—I just didn’t know the music,” she said. “I knew some of the songs, but I didn’t really know much about them.”

Jonas slid into her DMs anyway. “He DM’d me, so millennial of us,” Chopra said. “He DM’d me on Twitter saying, ‘I’ve heard we should connect. I’ve heard from common friends that we should meet, what do you think about that?’”

Despite being unacquainted with his “Burnin’ Up” days, Chopra did have her eyes peeled for Jonas’s solo career and that oh-so-steamy “Close” music video. Her response to his DM was a no-brainer. “I was like ‘Just text me,’ because I had seen “Close” by then and that’s the only thing I had seen and so I was like wowza.”

And the rest is history!