Our Top 10 Relaxing and Luxurious Bathroom Decor Ideas

Believe it or not, the bathroom is the most important room in a house. It is so special that it tells us a lot about your personality, your cleaning habits, your tastes, and preferences. A good day starts with a good morning routine, and this can only happen in the comfort of your ideal bathroom. A bad day can only be improved in the tranquility of your bathroom, with a hot tub and your favorite bath bomb, some music and a glass of wine.

Never underestimate the importance that your bathroom deserves, do not skimp when designing, decorating or remodeling it. The impact it can have on your quality of life is incredible.


The bathroom is a multifaceted room, mainly we use it to clean and relax, in some cases it is also used to apply our make up, check how well look on our clothes, shave or wax, there are even those who use it to have a “one on one” time and be able to wear up to date with their social networks, what is certain is that for each of these situations, you will need to have the ideal, natural and artificial lighting. You must have enough windows, if they need curtains, try to make them easy to move. You should always have lights above the main mirror, this will help you when looking for skin imperfections, a hair on your chin, or when applying a beauty facial mask or makeup.

Our Top 10 Relaxing and Luxurious Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Not all of us love to have plants inside the bathroom, but here are a couple of things we can tell you if you want to use them to give a touch of relaxation and luxury to your bathroom, the plants purify the air, just seeing them our brain associates them with nature, spa, vacation, hotel room (crazy, right?). To make your plants look beautiful inside your bathroom, you must choose shade plants, that is, they do not need direct sunlight, you can start with ferns, cacti or succulents, in small ceramic or clay pots, you can place shelves only for them, or scatter them capriciously for the ones you already have.

Our Top 10 Relaxing and Luxurious Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Modern Tiles

Renewing your bathroom can be as simple as changing ceramic tiles on your shower, walls, and floors, easy, right? It may be expensive, but come on, admit it, your bathroom would look much more modern and luxurious with the new tiles. Among the most popular styles is a white background with designs that mimic marble, if you can afford natural stones, you have nowhere to get lost!

Our Top 10 Relaxing and Luxurious Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Natural Colors

If you prefer uncovered walls, the choice of paint is paramount. Choose natural colors, which evoke water or nature in all its shades, the lighter, the more natural light it will reflect, if you choose dark colors, mix them with applications in electric colors, to create harmony and texture.

Functional Storage

If your storage furniture is functional, it doesn’t matter the size of your bathroom. The important thing is that it works for you, your family and your routine. Find furniture with a double purpose, take advantage of airspaces, and hooks for hanging. Do not forget the space behind the door and above it. Place a couple of shelves on top of the toilet, and leave a nest for your shampoos, and conditioners in the shower.

Proper Mirrors

Mirrors are strictly necessary for every bathroom. You must ensure that it doesn’t get the sunlight directly. Add some warm light above it, it must be large enough to see half of your body, and at a height where you feel comfortable. The bigger, the more opportunity you have to reflect the natural light that enters through the window. Choose thin and smooth frames, metal or wood.

Our Top 10 Relaxing and Luxurious Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Air Fresheners

Nothing makes us run faster than a bathroom that smells bad. Incorrect cleaning and lack of maintenance can make you go through embarrassing moments if you receive visitors. Stressful work routines and demanding social life can make it difficult for you to clean your bathroom as often as you should, so you should guarantee the following, if you have a shower curtain, always leave it stretched, a collected curtain accumulates water, and by so much mold. Always leave the windows open for air to circulate, as well as the bathroom door (if you are not going to be at home), and finally your best friend for these circumstances, a good air freshener, there are all kinds, there are automatic so that you set it in a specific time so your bathroom will smell like wild pine, you can light an incense once a day, or place some potpourri in a glass bowl, which will also give you an extra chic touch in the decoration.

Our Top 10 Relaxing and Luxurious Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Bath Mat

We all love bath mats, they are soft, comfortable and with fun designs, what we all hate is having to clean and wash them. If you use a curtain, try to make them both match. If you do not use a shower curtain, you can combine it with the window curtains, and if this is not your case, you can go crazy and simply choose the one you want. When choosing a bath mat you have to verify its size, if it reaches in the space that you have destined for it if it will also serve you in the winter if it is waterproof, made of natural fibers or recycled, all according to your lifestyle.

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Curtains or Glass

Transparent showers are the success when we decorate minimalist style bathrooms, they are elegant and easy to clean, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like shower curtains, it all depends on the quality you choose, to ensure that it really fulfills its function and what It is better, if you get bored, you can go to the store and buy a new one with the craziest colors or designs that you can think of according to your mood.

Lavatory Countertops

Light colors, no textures, smooth and spacious, just perfect. Put them at your waist-high, and that they are deep enough for all the beauty products that you will put on top. Try to clear the entire surface, so that when you have to put your make up on, you have enough space.


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