How the Removable Wallpaper Can Completely Transform a Room?

Here are 7 examples of how the removable wallpaper can completely transform a room; from Apartment Therapy

In the recent past, wallpaper has become a favorite design tool to add color and pattern to homes, the kind of element that used to be something renters—usually not able to make permanent changes—avoided. But as wallpaper’s popularity has increased, so have the removable wallpaper options. Perfect for those who like to change their minds often or who can’t do anything permanent to a rental.

There are a lot of businesses offering patterns, from new companies to companies that have been producing wallpaper for years. And there are plenty of different ways you can incorporate temporary wallpaper into your home. And while there are some downsides and tips to remember, apartments and houses can show a big difference when removable wallpaper is used on the walls. The proof is in the GIFs in this post. I Photoshopped the temporary wallpaper patterns out of these rooms so you can see just what a huge visual impact these wallpapers make:

In a wallpaper designer’s “Psychedelic Modern Cowboy”-style home, Samantha Santana has removable wallpaper in the breakfast nook, bedroom, and more spots.

In a West Hollywood home that’s a whimsical explosion of color, the living room gets a jolt of energy and pattern from Chasing Paper’s “Parrots” in Blush.

How the Removable Wallpaper Can Completely Transform a Room?

(Image credit: Cortney and Tyler Moore)

In Cortney Moore and Tyler Moore’s colorful rental-friendly apartment, there are so ideas to add vibrancy to a rental home. In the bedroom, Tropical Hibiscus temporary wallpaper from Society 6 is a great pink accent.

Natalie Jacob is a cocktail blogger, and her Palm Springs-inspired New Jersey home, which she shares with her partner Ethan Urban, is not just filled with fun drinks, it’s also full of fun patterns. In the living room, Calathea Leaves wallpaper from Wallflora Shop is a great focal point, and in the bedroom, Wallflora Shop‘s Baby Blue Monstera Leaves pattern is subtle but still adds great texture to the room.

How the Removable Wallpaper Can Completely Transform a Room?

(Image credit: Liz Kamarul )

Even in homes on wheels, removable wallpaper can add beauty. Proof is in thisenvy-inducing, boho glam RV renovation, where Hygge & West wallpaper is on the fridge and Anthropologie paper is on the ceiling.