12 Rustic Nativity Scene Decor Ideas

In the middle of Christmas shopping, family parties, visiting Santa Claus and playing in the snow, it can be easy to forget the true reason for the season. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, and what better way to remember the spirit of Christmas than with a Nativity Scene. The Nativity Scene, which includes the baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph and others present for the birth of Jesus, encourage us to watch, stop and remember why we celebrate Christmas in the first place.

Whether you want a Nativity Scene set that includes animals, angels, or a smaller set of just Mary, Joseph and Jesus, there are many sets of births that will adapt to your personal style. If you want to go big, you can try an outdoor Nativity Scene, or if you want to teach your children the history of Christmas, a nativity scene for children is a good option.

During the Christmas season magic, joy, love and the best moments with our loved ones flood our lives. If you haven’t decided how to set yours, look at these 12 Rustic Nativity Scene Decor Ideas that we bring you to get inspired!

Some people decide to place their Nativity Scene outside their homes. Do you like the idea? How about this stone grotto to place a beautiful traditional Nativity Scene? You can add some lighting for an extra comfy mood.

Do you live in a small apartment? You may not have much space to place a Nativity Scene. Do you appreciate this beautiful and tender option that Une Souris Verte shares? Delicate hand-painted Italian art, that will give a beautiful and homely touch to your living room, all your guests will love it. It is so tender and beautiful that you can consider it as a gift to someone very special.

Can’t you decide which one is cuter? What do you think of the idea that Angela Renault de Vilhena had, many Nativity Scenes at the same table? All small, all different, all unique, but all bring the greatest joy in the holidays with the birth of Jesus.

Have you ever considered making your own Nativity Scene? They say that in each piece we make with our own hands, a part of our soul and heart goes. With this statement in mind, can you imagine what it means emotionally and spiritually to make your own Nativity Scene? This is a beautiful proposal in origami, where not only a great devotion is expressed, like a huge talent.

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🙏 Presépio MINIMALISTA! . 💖 A beleza e delicadeza de um pequeno presépio artesanal de Origami!… . . 🌟 Origami: arte tradicional e milenar japonesa de dobrar o papel, criando representações de seres ou objetos, com dobras geométricas de uma folha de papel quadrada, sem cortes ou colagens. Segundo a crença japonesa, a pessoa que fizer mil (1000) origamis de ‘tsuru’ (pássaro lendário) com o pensamento focado em um desejo, terá o seu pedido realizado… . 👪 Presépio: símbolo grandioso do Natal cristão, é a representação do nascimento de Cristo. Simboliza a união dos mundos (animais, seres humanos e divino). Segundo São Francisco de Assis (1223), é um elogio à simplicidade e à humildade… . . 👼 Boas Festas!!! 😇 😉🌞 . . .

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If you are one of those who like to travel, there is no doubt that you bring a small souvenir of each of your adventures, have you ever considered a traditional Nativity Scene? A handmade craft will add a lot of style to the decoration of your home, and that any lover of German culture will enjoy when he comes to visit your home.

Nativity Scenes are the Christmas decoration that makes us all feel the harmony of family parties. Are you attracted to the idea of ​​such a colorful Nativity Scene? It’s really cute, the little ones at home will surely love it.

The real magic is in the details. Try to make your own Nativity Scene with a little bit of felt and huge amounts of dedication. You can place it in your apartment or even in your office.

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Um dos itens mais tradicionais da época natalina, o presépio pode ter várias versões e pode atender ao gosto de todo tipo de cliente. Essa versão em feltro, por exemplo, traz o diferencial nos cabelos de Maria. Vai dizer que não ficou um charme ela toda ruivinha? 👩🏼‍🦰😍 Essa versão do presépio contém apenas a Sagrada Família, mas também fazemos ele completo ou você tem a opção de comprar as peças separadamente! 🥰 Faça já sua encomenda conosco via direct! 😊 . #natal #feliznatal #presepio #sagradafamilia #artesanato #artesã #feltro #artesanatobrasileiro #arte #artebrasileira #brasil #decoracao #artesanatoemfeltro #arteemfeltro #feltromania #cilasartesanato #art #decor #crafts #handmade #madewithlove #brazilianart #felt #christmas #crib #christmascrib #holyfamily

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Did you just return from your trip to Peru? What better souvenir than a beautiful traditional Nativity Scene. You collaborate with the local economy and with the beauty of your home at this party season.

Less is more, and with Nativity Scenes, we could not agree more. Look at this beautiful wooden Nativity Scene, smooth, clean without details, directing our attention on the truly important thing; Family!

Tucumán Indians in Argentina are famous for their clay crafts, what do you think of this beautiful hand-painted Nativity Scene? It is a real gem!

If you do not have much time to order and decorate your home, but you want to feel the festive atmosphere, how about ordering a sustainable Nativity Scene with recycled cardboard, which you can organize as you like. Make this classic biblical story come alive in the most original way.

Most importantly, have fun while decorating, let’s make more family memories!

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