Rustic Wedding Charm To Enhance Your Wedding Celebration – Part 2

This is Part 2 of our series “Rustic Wedding Charm To Enhance Your Wedding Celebration”.

As a result of rustic style’s unpretentious roots, organic textures and shapes, and natural warmth, it has become as increasingly popular today  in urban areas as it is out in the woods.

For many celebrations and events, rustic decorations and style bring a sense of connection to the past that is hard to resist . They feel honest and unstudied and remind us all of a simpler time. In addition, because rustic decorations celebrate the art of re-purposing, they provide a wonderful showcase for ingenuity in a modern world where so much is virtual.

So it comes as no surprise that over the past several years, rustic wedding decor has grown from a trend into a mainstay theme. Brides are constantly thinking up new ways to incorporate charming homespun details into their days — even A-listers like Blake Lively and Kate Bosworth opted for celebrations featuring lovely rustic accents!

Rustic decor, though inspired by the rural life and farmland, isn’t restricted to the countryside. City brides can also embrace natural materials to add warmth to urban venues. Try offbeat, woodsy aisle decorations or use Mason jars filled with tea lights as centerpieces for a rustic-meets-luxe effect. Mix your rustic wedding accents with luxe touches for a truly modern look. We love the idea of topping picnic tables with gold-painted champagne coupes and vintage candlesticks!

Here, from weddingbellsare a few wonderful ways to make the rustic wedding theme your own.


Twine Photo Collages

Create your own custom garlands using photos and twine.

Image via OneWed.


Mason Jar Lights

Use tea light-filled Mason jars wrapped in lace to add warmth to your reception tables.

Image via OneWed.


DIY Signage

Guide your guests around your venue with custom signage adorned with thematic accents.

Image via OneWed.


Mismatched Candle Holders

Hit local flea markets for mix-and-match candle holders. Keep in mind that metallics pair well with most bright and neutral colours.

Image via OneWed.


Pinecone Escort Card Holders

Pinecones might be the world’s most affordable escort card holders and they look absolutely lovely when displayed together.

Image via Ruffled.