Silhouette Cameo DIY: Spooky Paper Rosette Banner

Fall is officially here. The leaves are changing. The air is cool and brisk. And many thoughts are turning to weddings. And today we have a special silhouette cameo DIY project that you can use for Halloween as well as your wedding.

Weddings? But summer is over! It’s true that traditionally, summer has been considered to be the peak wedding season. But since many people feel that fall is the best time of the year, and since fall weddings have their own unique attractions, fall weddings are becoming more and more popular.

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With a fall wedding you find that there are DIY projects that can double as wedding decor as well as for Halloween or other fall celebrations. Some of the most popular posts here on our site are for DIY wedding projects. Those posts include DIY wedding centerpiecesour wedding decor DIY tutorial for giant fringe love lettersour DIY tutorial for a mini vase wedding place cards holderour 5 top DIY wedding paper projectsand most recently, DIYs that will make your wedding magical, with tips from the Queen of DIY Weddings.

Here is the silhouette cameo DIY: spooky paper rosette banner, from Savvy Deets Bridal:


I have another fun Silhouette Cameo DIY to share with you today, given that it’s Halloween season! This isn’t entirely bridal related, however, the banner can be made for any of your wedding events. I’m just using this “spooky” example, which is hanging in my home for the holiday month.You all know how much I love my Silhouette Cameo & Silhouette Portrait. It’s the must have tool for crafters, especially DIY minded brides! This tool can carry you far into your upcoming events and home decor beyond the wedding. So, it’s an investment beyond measure.

Here’s what I used:
Silhouette Cameo + Cutting Mat + Cutting Blade
File to cut rosettes: Accordion Lollipop available in the Silhouette Store
Cardstock papers: 4 layers worth
Hot Glue Gun
Baker’s TwinePaper Selections:
I chose a vintage rustic base for the banner and used some vintage looking papers that are kind of spooky, I guess. I used a variation so not all the same pattern. I then wanted a little fun design, and I thought black and white chevron paper would go well with the orange circle and black letters, both of which are glitter cardstock, although it’s hard to detect the glitter in the images.Process:
In the images below you’ll see the steps, and it’s pretty simple. Cut the design of your accordion lollipop, remove from the cutting mat and begin folding on the perforated lines of one c-shape, this is creating half of the whole accordion lollipop.

Repeat with the other c-shape, and then where the points are that you’ve created folding, there are little slits to insert the circle shape into.

See below:
Eventually the 2 c-shapes will meet and create a perfect accordion lollipop, or paper rosette.
Now we get to creating the banner. I didn’t capture images of me cutting the circles and letters, but basically I cut the chevron print paper to the same dimension as the rosette circle, and the orange glitter stock circle a tad smaller, and then used Harman Deco font.
After those were cut I began hot gluing everything together, starting with the chevron circles, orange circles and letters.
Then I hot glued the intact circles onto the rosettes to make sure they’d stick firmly. I love using glue guns-although I got a terrible burn making another project a few weeks back. It’s barely started feeling better, so be careful whenever using glue guns!
After that step I hot glued orange and white bakers twine to the backs of the rosettes, and hung on my furniture.
Super simple, right? You can do this for any aspect of the wedding, like saying “cards” and hanging from the open lid of a vintage luggage piece. You could have these be made as chair signs for the bride and groom’s reception seat. Endless possibilities with the Silhouette Cameo and Silhouette Portrait! What will you make with your Silhouette machine?