The best wedding songs and wedding music for your ceremony and reception is often hard to select – there are so many popular wedding songs and so much iconic wedding music to choose from.

Starting with the prelude at your wedding ceremony and going all the way through the dance music at your wedding reception, you want to stay true to the style and preferences of  you and your fiancé, but you also want to please your wedding guests.

And as you plan for your wedding music you of course must remain mindful of your wedding music budget as it relates to your overall wedding budget. Live bands, string pieces, orchestras, singers and/or DJ’s can often be pricey.

So, to help you say it in song, here is the ultimate guide to wedding music, in an infographic, from Bridal Musings:

You know how much we love wedding music ’round here.

From romantic processional songs, to fun recessional numbers, from father and daughter dances tomother and son moments, and from the perfect first dance track to the recipe for the best floor-filling party playlist, we know that great music, makes a great wedding.

Have you heard John Legend’s R’n’B-laced tracklist? It’s one of our faves!

Because no matter how carefully you select the flowers, choose the food, or pick the right location, at the end of the night, it’s just you and closest friends and family singing Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of your lungs.

(Or maybe that’s just the weddings I go to?!)

And because we’re fond of a good tune, it’s safe to say we were pretty excited when Glen Baker (of ah-may-zing Irish wedding band, A Few Good Men) sent us this infographic.

As a wedding music pro, Glen knows a thing or two about what goes down well on the dancefloor. From the overplayed to the underated, check out his Ultimate Wedding Music Guide.

Informative, helpful and pretty, now that’s our kind of list…

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