Some Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding – Part 1

The national average cost of a wedding is roughly $28,000 nowadays.

Between the wedding venue, reception food, open bar, exotic flowers and fancy fondant cake, it adds up fast. While it’s certainly a special event that you’ll cherish forever, that’s a lot of money to fork over for one day. Thankfully we know a thing or two about weddings, and that includes several tips that will save you thousands of dollars. Wouldn’t you rather put that money towards a honeymoon in Bora Bora? Or better yet, buy a house designer handbag?

From hosting a brunch reception to using seasonal flowers, check out our money-saving wedding planning tips in the slideshow above.

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Choose seasonal flowers: Picking flowers that are in season will save you tons of money. Talk to a local nursery or flower shop in the area and see what will be in season for your wedding and work around those. You won’t have to pay to ship flowers (which is so expensive), and they’ll be super fresh. You can also save big if you use the same flower versus a mixture of different flowers for centerpieces and bouquets.

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Consider a non-traditional venue: Any venue coined a ‘wedding venue’ will be a lot more pricey. Expand your options and consider parks, orchards, luxury houses on VRBO, your favorite local restaurant, art galleries and so on. This will potentially save you thousands of dollars!

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Forego a giant wedding cake: A traditional fondant wedding cake can cost anywhere from $5-$17 a slice, and they don’t really taste that great to begin with. Have your favorite bakery make a small cake for you and your groom to cut, and serve up sheet cake, pies or cupcakes to guests. We’re doing this for our wedding and the savings are almost $1k, which is huge!

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Serve a signature cocktail: Instead of hosting an    open bar at your reception, which adds up quickly, opt for a signature cocktail with wine or beer as well. It’s super chic, will look amazing in photos and also cuts down on pricing a lot. It’s also a great way to add something unique to your celebration.

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Avoid weekends: You can potentially save up to 40% on your venue if you have your wedding on a day other than Friday and Saturday. It’s a way to get your dream venue at a great price. Always ask about “off” day pricing when looking at places, as they don’t often advertise these cheaper rates.

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