5 Cute Sneakers You Can Wear With Anything

Here you have 5 cute sneakers you can wear with anything; from Society 19

Picture this: you’re getting ready to run to store, or maybe class. You have to meet a friend for coffee shortly after and then later you’re going shopping. That’s a lot of walking–something you would prefer to do in your favorite converse sneakers, but you would rather not because they look a little dingy. And lets face it–sometimes your converse just don’t cut it, not matter how cute they are.

Luckily for you, sneakers aren’t just for the gym and Sunday mornings anymore. Sneakers can be worn super casual, casual, or even dressy. Finding a pair, is a different story. Here’s 5 pairs of sneakers you can wear with anything–well, almost anything.

1. White or black platform sneakers

These are number one on the list for obvious reasons–they are the most versatile. These are for more of the casual girl who still likes yoga pants and leggings, but maybe she wears the occasional fun jean with a simple top. Perfect for class, running errands, and more relaxed social events. They allow you to still be fashionable, while still being comfy and on-the-go.

5 Cute Sneakers You Can Wear With Anything


2. Sock sneakers

Ok I know what you’re thinking– knock off Balenciaga’s. Of course no one wants to be thatperson wearing knock off designer sneakers, but these (Steve Madden) are actually great quality, for a fraction of the cost, and the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. For more of the street-style look, these are up your alley. Wear them with a pair of joggers, straight-leg jeans, or even a pair of bike shorts. The best part is. You’ll receive compliments on the left and right.

5 Cute Sneakers You Can Wear With Anything

3. White Nikes

While they are extremely popular and can sometimes have the association of being a “basic” shoe that every girl owns, Nike does numerous variations of their classic white sneakers (like in the picture below). These can also be worn with any type of outfit–while jeans are typically the most common, they look cute with a shorter day dress or cargo pants as well. They also will never go out of style because of the versatility and name–so 10 years from now they’ll still be cool.

5 Cute Sneakers You Can Wear With Anything


4. Velcro strap sneakers

Don’t worry, they’re not like the ones you wore as a toddler or little kid. The most well-known version of these shoes would be the Adidas x Stella Mccartney sneakers. These are for the more sporty girl, who still likes to be fashionable. These are actually shoes you could wear to the gym, run errands, and get coffee with friends afterwards. They make a statement because they’re so futuristic looking, yet so functional. Depending on your job, you could even pull them off with a cute pair of dress pants and a casual blazer.

5 Cute Sneakers You Can Wear With Anything


5. Fuzzy ball sneakers

I like to call these the Paris Hilton of sneakers. These are for the girl who swears she’ll never wear sneakers anywhere other than the gym. These are so fun and different, you can have fun with what you want to pair them with. While they typically will not go with everything, these go with more plain clothing since they make such a statement themselves. Wear them with jeans, solid t-shirts, and as weird as it may sound, they look so cute with overalls! The only place I would not recommend wearing these, is anywhere you spill something on them (they won’t be so easy to clean)!

5 Cute Sneakers You Can Wear With Anything

Whoever said sneakers were only for casual, obviously has never owned any of these. After buying any one of these pairs of sneakers, you’ll never want to wear any type of heel, sandal, or boot again.