How To Updo Wedding Hairstyle: Sock bun- how to make the sock and the bun :)

Sock buns are, quite literally, a rising trend, with celebrities like Kate Bosworth, Reese Witherspoon and Lauren Conrad all sporting the fashionable hairstyle of late.

The neat hairdo, which is equal parts ballerina and hipster, gets its name because styling it involves cutting the toes off a sock, and rolling it into your hair to create a donut-shaped bun.

So, who doesn’t love a gorgeous ballerina bun? While the term “sock bun” may make you cringe, there is no easier way to fake the big bun effect — especially if you have lifeless, flat strands. And it is a great choice for your wedding hairstyle.

How-to:  Using scissors, cut off the toe section of a darkly colored or black sock. Roll sock into a donut shape. Pull hair back into a ponytail and pull the ends of your pony through the hole in the center of the sock.

Spread the tips of your hair over the sock and tuck under, covering the sock.  Slowly roll the sock down towards the base. With each flip downward, your hair will roll along with the sock, dispersing over the fabric. Pin hair at the base to secure the bun.


Images via The Beauty Thesis