6 Spring Hair Color Trends You Need to Try

Check out these 6 spring hair color trends you need to try; from Cosmopolitan

Spring is almost here, which means warmer weather, warmer people (hey, it’s hard to be friendly when it’s 10 degrees outside), and now, warmer versions of your hair color, according to New-York based colorist and Redken ambassador Ryan Pearl. Ahead, six spring-fever-inducing hair color trends that’ll make you want to put away your beanies for good—or at least until next winter.

1. Buttery Blonde
The current trend climate? Less of the icy blonde hues we saw all winter, says Ryan, and more of the warmer, buttery-blonde shades you’re about to see all over your Instagram. With golden highlights like these, you’ll get a color that looks much more natural than the cooler, icier tones (even if it’s not).
2. Coppery Red

Make your red-hot hair even warmer this spring with a bright, coppery wash. As with all hair colors, Ryan stresses the importance of working with your skin tone when deciding on your copper shade. And with so many variations (rosy copper, golden copper, rusty copper, etc.) you’re bound to find a version of the vibrant hue that works for you—just ask your colorist, first.

3. Rich Brown With Highlights

Don’t feel like bleaching your whole head? Try lighting your look by adding some highlighted accents throughout your darker hues, says Ryan. To get this look, have your stylist add some subtle, brightened strips around your face and toward the ends of your hair to accentuate your natural texture. Note: To get the most natural effect, have your colorist choose highlights only a few shades lighter than—and in the same color family as—your base.

4. Pastels

Rainbow hair is trendy any time of the year, but Ryan says instead of a super-saturated hue, aim for a softer, lighter version this season (his favorites for 2019 are pink and blue). Because other than florals, nothing says spring better than pastels. Try the look yourself by mixing a semi-permanent dye in the color of your choice and diluting it with a clear to lighten the shade.

5. Dark Roots

Yup, dark roots are back in fashion, regardless of what all of your instincts are telling you. Not only does the dark-light combo allow for a more seamless grow-out phase, but it also gives you more time between color sessions, says Ryan. Don’t want to wait until your roots naturally show? Have your colorist shadow the root at your next highlight appointment to give it that lived-in look.

6. Deep Browns and Black With Dimension

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For deep brown and black shades, Ryan suggests adding very minimal highlights just around your face for a touch of subtle dimension in your dark hair. If you’re not into highlights, have your stylist add a slightly lighter gloss all over to your hair to make your color look shiny and defined, not dull and flat.