6 Steps To Consider When Planning a Yacht Wedding

Planning your wedding on a yacht is a unique and perfect idea for an unforgettable wedding destination venue.

Many are the advantages that we find when it comes to celebrating a great wedding on a yacht, such as: the plus of celebrating the ceremony and reception in the same place, the possibility of renting a yacht that has accommodation for guests, and more.

If you have chosen to celebrate your wedding on a yacht or are considering this option, here we have 5 organizing tips you should not miss.
6 Steps To Consider When Planning a Yacht Wedding

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1. Choose Your Ideal Destination

It is likely that you already have an idea of the country in which you wish to celebrate your magnificent wedding, but now you must specify to decide the perfect route for this day . Celebrate the wedding on a yacht gives you the ability to navigate different places and make several stops depending on the time of the wedding in which you are.

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You must plan the route in advance to get the most out of the road locations and choose the most beautiful places where to seal your love.

2. Choose The Perfect Yacht

One of the most fun parts of planning a wedding on a yacht is choosing the yacht that will become your venue. When choosing a yacht you must consider practical aspects such as the capacity, if there is enought space for place a catering service and celebrate the party, as well as that the style is to your liking.

6 Steps To Consider When Planning a Yacht Wedding

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3. Decoration

Now that you have chosen your yacht, it is time to think how do you want it to look. The decoration is essential to establish the atmosphere and style of a wedding. Normally the parties on a yacht are set in the nautical style, however we are  in the “break the clichés” era, so your decoration should be something that identifies you, and makes you feel extremely comfortable must be a “happy place”.

6 Steps To Consider When Planning a Yacht Wedding

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4. Menu

The next thing to do is choosing the catering! What kind of food do you like the most? What kind of food does your guest like? If you preferred a classic style, some seafood would get you out of troubles, but if you are more adventurous you can try some latin or mediterranean flavors on your buffet. Your guests will love it!

6 Steps To Consider When Planning a Yacht Wedding

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As in any celebration, a wedding should be entertaining and fun, and for that we have to have options for our guests.


5. Entertainment

For the ceremony, a quartet of violins can be ideal, discreet, romantic and most importantly, do not take up much space.

For the toast and the time of the meal, some environmental music at the hands of a DJ, can be perfect, and then raise the tone as the party (and the guests) cheers up.

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If your thing is to leave everyone out of breath, you can hire a group of dancers to make a presentation, or you can prepare it yourself with the boyfriend (your mom will love having that picture). But the entertainment gives all tastes, from a magician, a group of mimes, a local singer, a comedian, to Brazilian carnival cheerleaders, it all depends on how crazy you want your party to be.

6. Wedding Planner

And finally, and most importantly, do not forget to look in time for the best wedding planner you can afford.

If the wedding you are going to celebrate in another country, it is recommended that your wedding planner be local, so you can guarantee that you know all the suppliers and being a wedding at sea that can manage all the permits that are required in that area.

6 Steps To Consider When Planning a Yacht Wedding

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