Stunning Ice Sculptures For A Freezing Winter Wedding

Ice Sculptures are the most drastic way to add dramatic elements to any celebration, so why not at your winter wedding? This is something your guests will not expect and surely will be charmed by it.

You can use them as a decor element, carving wedding rings, the bride and groom initials, swans, hearts, or any other love-related figure you like. If you want to make it bigger, you can add some ice sculptures to the bar, add more chicness and glamour to your party, make it the event of the year for all your friends and family members.

Let’s pretend your guests arrive at your wedding venue and see at the entrance a unique ice sculpture greeting them with a platter of drinks. What can be more magical than that? It creates a fun and unexpected first impression, while also keeping the drinks cool.

As one of the most popular ways to use ice sculptures in weddings, large ice bars offer nothing short of that “WOW” factor. Customize your ice bar with a favorite motif, your wedding logo, or your initials.

Ice bars can be used for more than cool drinks, you can also be served some raw appetizers like half shelled oysters, king crab legs, shrimps or some delicious ceviche. Have you ever pair vodka and caviar? You won’t regret it!

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Now THAT is a raw bar display. 🙌🏼🍤😍

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Diamond-like ice carvings are a gorgeous alternative to crystal chandeliers and make for an unforgettable tablescape. Ice sculptures are not limited to heavy, bulky, and stationary carvings, get inspired and choose carefully what you want to share at your wedding.

What about some cool, really cool vodka and tequila shots in some glasses carved from ice? Treat your guests, they will love the experience.

But if you really are looking for that Winterfell mood, why not ask your ice sculpture artis to create an entire freezing landscape? The bigger the best! Just make sure your guests have some coats with them.


Cover image by bluewaterweddings | @bluewaterweddings