What Summer Dress To Wear Based On Your Body Type

Here is a guide to wear a summer dress based on your body type; from Society 19

This year, slip into a summer dress made for your body type. With all the different body sizes and shapes out there, one size and style does not fit all. The constantly evolving fashion world has created many different summer dresses where all can find their perfect style for their specific body type. Here are a few summer dresses to wear based on your body type.


A short or mini summer dress would be perfect for tall people. It gives you a chance to really show off your lovely long legs. Also, because the summer dress is short, it won’t add any length to your body. So if you are worried about being too tall this is a great summer dress for you to try for a balanced look.




A maxi summer dress is great to wear with a pair of wedges this summer for our shorter women (and men) out there. Because this summer dress is long and (usually) loose instead of form fitting, it adds length to your body giving the illusion of a taller height without the pain of having to wear heels for a taller height. The wedges are a comfortable heel suggestion to wear with this summer dress for our people who are 5′ and below, just so the dress doesn’t drag on the floor.



The perfect summer dress for this body type is an off the shoulder maxi dress. Because the chest area is small(er) its easier for people of this body type to wear a summer dresses that requires a strapless bra or for those brave enough, no bra at all. With the long maxi part of the dress, it will comfortably hug the curves of your hips and thighs. This summer dress is a great way to compliment the pear body type.



Inverted triangle.

Fit and Flare summer dress for a inverted triangle body type. This knotted dress helps keep the focus on the upper part of your body, drawing no attention to below your hips. Not only does this summer dress look great on an inverted triangle body type, but it is also very comfortable with minimal restrictions on the body. This dress is the best of both worlds!

Inverted triangle



A mini fit and flare summer dress is great for people with a rectangle body type. Because of the cinched waist it will break apart the boxy look and give your body more definition in your curves. The mini length will show off your legs, taking away any unwanted focus on your rectangle body type.




Almost any bodycon summer dress will look amazing on a hourglass body type. A bodycon summer dress will show off every curve you have and accentuate your sex appeal. Also, if the fabric has a busy print such as, polka dots, it will give the illusion of bigger curves if that is a goal you wish to achieve. You can still always go with a solid colored bodycon summer dress if you don’t want your curves to seem bigger than they are.



This summer wear a summer dress based on your body type. The different type of dresses the fashion industry has created over the years are made to fit the different types of bodies out there. Don’t be uncomfortable this summer, impress yourself and wear what is right for you.

Don’t forget to share your favorite type of summer dress you like to wear for your body type in the comments below!