Summer Staples You Will Have Forever

Learn how to wear your summer staples during this summer season; from The Viva Luxury

What are your Summer staples? As I was cleaning my closet the other day, making room for summery faves, that was exactly what I was thinking about. It’s true that every season brings new trends, colors and silhouettes, and I always make sure to update my wardrobe with a few of-the-moment pieces, yet there are certain things I’ve had for years that remain classic, timeless and look just as relevant today as they did the day that I got them! This of course got me thinking about what it is exactly that gives longevity to these particular items, and I think that the answer is the fact that summer staples, like a woven accessory or a bold maxi dress will always be in style.

Wear Anywhere Bold Maxi Dress – love it because you can wear this type of a dress anywhere! Great for a casual day at the beach paired with cute flats and a straw bag, yet can be easily dressed up with heels for a night out!

Statement Earrings – love them because a great pair of earrings makes an outfit! Obviously fabulous for a night out, personally, I love wearing them with casual staples like jeans and simple silk tops for day to add a bit of polish and sophistication to my more casual looks.

Woven Accents – a straw bag adds a casual and playful touch to your summer looks. Great with jeans and t-shirts, yet makes for a perfect option to wear to casual cocktails as well!