10 Sunglasses Styles To Try This Spring

Here are 10 sunglasses styles to try this spring; from Society 19

Warmer weather is fast approaching and different sunglasses styles are all the rage. Sunglasses are a much-needed accessory as you spend the Spring and Summer out at parks, the beach, festivals, and various vacations.  To help you start your upcoming shopping, here are 10 Sunglasses Styles To Try This Spring.

1. Aviator sunglasses

Aviators have been a classic sunglasses style for ages. They are available at so many price points and in so many colors making it an easily accessible option for everyone. Slip on a pair for simple activities such as running errands like heading to the gym, or save them for a super fun day time activity or vacation.

*10 Sunglasses Styles To Try This Spring


2. Cat – eye sunglasses

Cat – eye is a sunglasses style that can change anyone from boring to fab real quick. This is one of many sunglasses styles that can dress up and add attitude to any outfit. Pair these stylish glasses with your favorite athleisure, work, or casual outfits.

*10 Sunglasses Styles To Try This Spring

3. Circle sunglasses

Circle glasses used to instantly evoke the mental image of John Lennon and plenty of other popular 60s icons. But not anymore, these sunglasses styles are now more popular than ever, and the circle lens is the go – to look so so many guys and girls.

*10 Sunglasses Styles To Try This Spring


4. Reflective sunglasses

This is one of my favorite sunglasses styles. The large reflective lens comes in a variety of colors and can make you feel like a movie star. Choose your desired frame shape and lens color, and prepare to feel like a super important person for the rest of your day.

*10 Sunglasses Styles To Try This Spring


5. Jeweled sunglasses

Jeweled sunglasses are a fun and personal way to dress up your everyday eye wear. You can put an individual touch on your summer lenses, just by following a few short Youtube tutorials as you begin to customize these sunglasses styles. Jewels, gems, and 3d designs are all super cute and affordable options. If DIY is not up your alley, there are tons of options that are already premade and sold with amazing embellishments.

*10 Sunglasses Styles To Try This Spring


6. Wavy lens sunglasses

This is a sunglasses style that I had never seen before but already I am obsessed.  Adding to the never ending list of sunglasses lens shapes, wavy is new to the party. These super unique shaped lenses will definitely have you standing out in a crowd.

*10 Sunglasses Styles To Try This Spring


7. Thin 90s sunglasses

This sunglasses style will either be a hit or a miss for some people depending on their fashion sense and personal style. Super tiny, small lens sunglasses have been seen everywhere in 2018. On various celebrities, runways, and eventually on the faces of everyday people. The jury is still out on this style but some may be brave enough to try and we’ve gor you covered.

*10 Sunglasses Styles To Try This Spring


8. Colored sunglasses

This sunglasses style is super cute and is radiating with Spring vibes. Choose a style that has a matching frame and lens.

*10 Sunglasses Styles To Try This Spring


9. Clear Sunglasses

Some may say that these do not count as actual sunglasses but this style is has been growing in popularity throughout recent years. Clear sunglasses can also double as a fashion accessory or actual eyeglasses depending on the lens.

*10 Sunglasses Styles To Try This Spring


10. Marble sunglasses

Marble is an elegant and beautiful pattern that is simple yet classy so who wouldnt want it on their sunglasses?

*10 Sunglasses Styles To Try This Spring


Which of these amazing sunglasses styles will you be shopping for this Spring? Comment below!