The Sweetest Carnival Decor Ideas, For a Baby Shower

If what you are looking for is a super colorful and cheerful theme, a Carnival Baby Shower is your thing! Carnival and Circus will be your inspiration to give that new baby a huge welcome in style.

As in any event, its planning and organization must be done in time, to guarantee the success of the event. Today we bring you some very useful and important tips for decorating the room. Your guests, young and old will enjoy this original and fun party.

With a circus, fun is guaranteed!

First, let’s talk about your color palette. Many decoration experts advise, when we have such colorful themes to choose a maximum of three colors to be our base, with a carnival theme you can choose combinations such as the following:

Black, Red, White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Red, White, Blue, or Yellow, Red, White, to mention a few ideas. The best thing you can do is to take pieces of paper of these colors and put them together, to convince yourself which one is yours.

Identify the elements of the circus you want to represent at your party, such as clowns, animals, magicians, trapeze artists, circus tent, ticket box office, popcorn, candy, etc. and assign each element of the circus to an element of the Baby Shower, a clown cake, some animals garlands and centerpieces, decorative balloons of the three colors you chose, a trapeze artist  sweets table, cookies and cupcakes in popcorn shapes and toppers, circus ticket invitations. You can even hire a magician to make a presentation, etc.

Let’s start with some fun invitations, get inspired by the old tickets for carnivals and fairs, use golden and red colors in old tones. You can hire a personalized courier service so that your circus tickets are delivered by a circus director. Your guests will love this fun detail, and they will not be able to avoid taking a photo for their social media.

The day of the event has arrived. Whether you celebrate it at home, or in a private venue, your guests first impression is important. Receive them with a fun sign at the entrance, let them know that they are entering the most fun and cheerful circus!

A large balloon arch coming out of two huge bags of popcorn will make you smile instantly. Popcorn is probably the most popular element of any fair or circus. Don’t forget to put much popcorn on the tables.

If your baby shower is outdoors, how about this idea for your garlands? Beautiful air balloons they even have a basket on them. Very original, full of details, just perfect, your guests will stop just to photograph them, who would not want to take one of these as a souvenir back home?


Make it big or go home! If you chose animal centerpieces, try this idea, huge stuffed animals on each table. And not only that, look at the detail of the colors they chose, red, blue and yellow, primary colors that combine perfectly with the white and red striped pattern, typical of circus tents.


Candy tables are mandatory at parties, but when you decide to do a Carnival Baby Shower, a candy cart is what you can’t miss. Rent a typical trade show cart at any event company, you can hire a waiter to dress up as a popcorn seller with his striped suit and huge mustache.



The magic of a candy table is hard to resist sometimes, so why not having both, in addition to your trade show cart, place an appetizing candy table for your guests to enjoy.


Prepare a background of balloons, place the candy as if it were the fair park in its different games, a carousel, a ferris wheel, etc.

Try a beautiful Paper Flowers background, use your basic colors and let your imagination fly. As you can see it is an element that highlights the beautiful cake. Don’t keep the ideas in your head, make them a reality

The Sweetest Carnival Ideas, For a Theme Baby Shower10


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Cover Image by Shelby Hemelt Townsend | @remandbeebakery