Coolest Bridesmaid Dress Trends For 2020

If you are having bridesmaids at the wedding, choosing their dresses is always hard. Their dresses should be trendy, they should match your wedding color scheme and style and somehow show off the style of each girl. How to dress up your gals this year? Here are the coolest bridesmaid dress trends for this year […]

Mini Skirts, the Trend You Can Wear Throughout 2020

It started with leather or horn skirts and now it jumped to be a trend of mini skirts in force for all of 2020 because no matter what pattern, texture or color, they always look perfect. And although the term miniskirt can confuse us, let us be clear that the length of these may vary […]

Satin Dress, a MUST in 2020 closets!

Among the most minimalist outfit ideas that have emerged since the last years, we find the option of satin dresses. Seen as a super basic piece of clothing by the material, they’re also simple in their designs. Many will say that a woman in a satin dress looks like a sack of potatoes but that’s […]