Pizza Engagement Ring, to Get an Immediate ‘CHEESE-YES’

February is the month of love and engagements, will you also be receiving or delivering a engagement ring to your significant other? If so, want to give you an idea completely out of the box. How about a ring of your favorite food? Is he/she a pizza lover to whom you should look for the […]

8 Unique Engagement And Wedding Rings, For The Modern Bride

An engagement ring, as its name suggests, is one that is used before the wedding to demonstrate interest in the other person. This ring is usually placed on the ring finger and the hand varies depending on the region of the planet on which we are. Most of all, the engagement ring is offered by […]

10 Stunning Alternative Engagement Rings Under $1,000

Unconventional alt-brides buck the long-held wedding traditions when it comes to wedding attire, wedding accessories and wedding decor. They prefer a non-traditional, perhaps non-white dress, a unique wedding venue – and an alternative engagement ring. If you are that type of bold, alt-bride, today we have 10 stunning alternative engagement rings for you to check […]