Best Ideas To Throw a Backyard Wedding

A Backyard Wedding can be as fun and beautiful as any wedding. It can also be more magical if you choose the right decor and favor items to set the mood. A garden is one of the most charming spaces to get married. But it also requires taking care of many details. Break down the […]

Backyard Wedding Ideas to Inspire You

Here are some backyard wedding ideas for you; from Brides What’s not to love about a backyard wedding? They’re intimate, convenient, and perhaps best of all, often a budget-friendly (if not free) venue. But before you write off a backyard wedding as an overly casual affair that welcomes a rustic vibe only, know that there […]

Backyard Wedding Decor – A Floating Pool Candle & Wreath

Backyard weddings are a great choice, not only because there is less of a dent in your budget, but also because of the wonderful options they offer for creative wedding decor. You can add more flowers to your backyard to make it more attractive, trim the trees and shrubs to create more space and alluring […]