Balayage and Highlighted Long Hairstyles

Here are balayage and highlighted long hairstyles, from Long-Hairstyles: It has not been too long since the Balayage hairstyles came into existence. However, its fame has already surpassed other hairstyles in terms of craze among the ladies with long hair. In case, you are new to the term balayage hair, it’s a way of highlighting your hair with some […]

10 Trendy Two-Tone Hair Styles

Turning to a two-tone hairstyle is a great way to get a fresh new look or maybe just an update of your current look. Whether ombre or balayage, a two-tone hairstyle is a great way to launch your spring fashion style, as we demonstrated in our recent article 15 Two Tone Hair Color Ideas for Short […]

15 Fashionable Balayage Hair Looks

Balayage has been around for a while but this timeless hair coloring technique is creeping its way back into being one of the most popular hair color requests in salons today. Balayage is a French word meaning to sweep or to paint. And accordingly the balayage highlighting process is one in which a colorist hand-paints or […]