Our Favorite (Cozy/Sexy/Stylish/Beautiful) Bedrooms Ever

Our Favorite CozySexyStylishBeautiful Bedrooms Ever

Check out Our Favorite (Cozy/Sexy/Stylish/Beautiful) Bedrooms Ever, from Apartment Therapy You bet I left the sexiest room—the bedroom—of these Love Letters from the Editors for Valentine’s Day. Whether you use your bedroom for love-making, watching TV, sleeping, or some combination of all three, chances are it’s one of your favorite rooms of your home. Who […]

This One Thing Will Make Your Small Bedroom Feel so Much Bigger

Check out This One Thing That Will Make Your Small Bedroom Feel so Much Bigger, from Apartment Therapy By New York City standards, my bedroom is huge, which basically means it’s the size of a walk-in closet in the Midwest. But I’m a card-carrying member of the “fake it till you make it” club, and […]

5 Bedroom Design Mistakes You Might Be Making (& Their Fast Fixes)

Here are 5 bedroom mistakes you might be making and also their fast fixes; from Apartment Therapy Because our bedrooms aren’t typically on public display, their designs are often overlooked as we’re busy renovating our kitchens and sprucing up our living rooms. But even if we only use our bedrooms as a spot to sleep, […]

How the Removable Wallpaper Can Completely Transform a Room?

Here are 7 examples of how the removable wallpaper can completely transform a room; from Apartment Therapy In the recent past, wallpaper has become a favorite design tool to add color and pattern to homes, the kind of element that used to be something renters—usually not able to make permanent changes—avoided. But as wallpaper’s popularity […]

48 Decorating Ideas for That Wall Space Above Your Bed

Here are 48 decorating ideas for that wall space above your bed; from Apartment Therapy Whether your bedroom is tiny, huge, or some size in between, the bed is the star of the show, and the space above is ripe for making a statement. If the wall above your headboard is currently empty, consider the […]

7 Bedrooms with Clever Paint Jobs We Love

Here are 7 bedrooms with clever paint jobs we love; from Apartment Therapy Paint is about so much more than just color. Sure, it’s that, but it’s also a transformative way to define a space, fake the eye, and change the entire feel of a room. You might not be able to make major structural […]