How the Removable Wallpaper Can Completely Transform a Room?

Here are 7 examples of how the removable wallpaper can completely transform a room; from Apartment Therapy In the recent past, wallpaper has become a favorite design tool to add color and pattern to homes, the kind of element that used to be something renters—usually not able to make permanent changes—avoided. But as wallpaper’s popularity […]

48 Decorating Ideas for That Wall Space Above Your Bed

Here are 48 decorating ideas for that wall space above your bed; from Apartment Therapy Whether your bedroom is tiny, huge, or some size in between, the bed is the star of the show, and the space above is ripe for making a statement. If the wall above your headboard is currently empty, consider the […]

7 Bedrooms with Clever Paint Jobs We Love

Here are 7 bedrooms with clever paint jobs we love; from Apartment Therapy Paint is about so much more than just color. Sure, it’s that, but it’s also a transformative way to define a space, fake the eye, and change the entire feel of a room. You might not be able to make major structural […]

Cheap Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel Like a High-End Hotel

Check out these ideas to make your bedroom feel like a high-end hotel; from Apartment Therapy Dropping your luggage off in a luxurious space and belly flopping onto a crisp bed after a long day is one of the most satisfying life experiences (next to having children and watching videos of people frost cakes, of […]

10 Tips For Creating The Coziest Bedroom

Here are 10 tips for creating the coziest bedroom, from Top Inspired:  We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, so it’s safe to say that it’s a place where we let our thoughts wander and seek our rest and relaxation time. To make it cozy, there are few things you should work on. It doesn’t mean […]