Your Braided Ponytail How-To: 13 Styles to Try Right Now

Check out Right Now these 13 Styles, On How To Braided Your Ponytail, from Cosmopolitan, I’ve already discussed my deep love of ponytails and their versatility, but the one thing that could make them even better? Adding a braid (or lots of braids). So instead of just rounding up a bunch of beautiful braided ponies […]

11 More Elegant Ponytail Hairstyles for Special Occasions

Today we present 11 more elegant ponytail hairstyles for special occasions, from Stay Glam: Ponytails can be thought of as a casual style. However, ponytails can be styled into beautiful hairdos. Not only can you wear a ponytail for any occasion but these hairstyles are also great for the summer. You can look stylish and keep […]

18 Cute Braided Ponytail Styles

What can be better than a hairstyle that combines 2 of the most popular hairtsyles for your beautiful, flowing long hair: a ponytail and braids.   In past articles we have featured a number of ponytail styles that work really well for every day wear as well as for a wedding day hairstyle, including the DIY […]