9 Pairs of Not-Too-Spendy Wedding Shoes With Your “Something Blue” Built Right In

You have picked the perfect wedding dress. Now, as you continue to complete your wedding day look, it’s time to take your next wedding fashion step and turn your attention to that pair of stylish wedding shoes. You can make a statement about your uniqueness by choosing offbeat bridal shoes for your wedding day. Or, if like many brides, you can’t […]

Perfect Wedding Flats For Dancing The Night Away!

After you select your  wedding dress, you want to turn your attention to another important part of your wedding day wardrobe – your wedding day shoes. If you aren’t into wearing 6-inch heels on your wedding day, and you prefer wedding shoes that are comfortable, or you just want some shoes to change into for your […]

Get the Trend At Any Budget: Bridal Shoes with Bows

Bridal shoes with bows. We show you how you can get this trend in wedding shoes at any budget. Having picked your wedding dress, you now take your next wedding fashion step and turn your attention to that pair of stylish wedding shoes you have been eyeing or these stunning wedding shoes by Freya Rose.  You can make a […]

Blush Pink Wedding Shoes

After you have chosen that perfect wedding gown, it’s time to take your next wedding fashion step and turn your attention to that pair of stylish wedding shoes. Killer wedding shoes are a great complement to a gorgeous bridal gown. And why not get the most bang for your bucks by picking stylish wedding shoes you can wear again instead […]

Bridal Sandals that are Changing the World! – Part 1

For beach and warm weather weddings, brides and bridesmaids are increasingly opting for bridal sandals as their footwear choice. And when you can combine that wedding fashion choice with a socially-conscious opportunity for female economic empowerment, then you have an unbeatable combination. Sseko Designs offers bridal sandals that are changing the world.  Sseko Designs is […]



Reblogged from Upon An Occasion: http://niceandchic.com You’ve picked your perfect dress, and now all you need is some great shoes! Having trouble deciding what to wear on your big day? Look at the wedding venue and the weather in which the wedding is taking place. For instance, if it’s an outdoor wedding in the summer, […]