12 Of The Best Wedding Sneakers For The Millennial Bride

Is there something more comfortable than walking down the aisle with your favorite sneakers? Imagine for a moment, you with your perfect beautiful dress, on your dad’s arm, surrounded by your family and friends and in front of you is that special person with whom you will spend the rest of your life, and suddenly you stumble […]

25 Bridal Sneakers Ideas For Maximal Comfort

Check out these 25 Bridal Sneakers Ideas For Maximal Comfort, from Weddingomania, Shoes are an important part of your bridal look, they highlight your style, they give it an edge and make it breathtaking. But high heels often mean discomfort in many senses: many girls aren’t used to heels, it’s difficult to go for a […]

10 Brides Who Didn’t Wear Heels

You have your wedding dress, and now it’s time to take your next wedding fashion step and turn your attention to that pair of stylish wedding shoes. You can focus on getting the most bang for your bucks by picking stylish wedding shoes you can wear again instead of splurging on a one-time-only pair of shoes. A great choice would be one […]

Bridal Sneakers On Your Wedding Day

Are you looking to do something different at your wedding? Do you crave comfort? If so, you might want to do away with high heeled shoes and go with a bridal sneaker. The sneakers are not your typical “work out” footwear, but bridal sneakers are cute and stylish. They have sparkly rhinestones on them and often have […]