A Wedding Skin Care Plan To Get That Flawless Bridal Glow

You’ve got the gorgeous bridal gown. You’ve got the perfect wedding venue. Now you need a wedding skin care plan to get that flawless bridal glow. Every bride dreams for beautifully glowing skin on her wedding day.  But you can’t wait until the last minute to make sure that you get that flawless bridal glow.  Starting several […]

The Get-Gorgeous Diet: 5 Foods to Eat for Glowing, Wedding-Ready Skin

Just a guess here, but we’re betting that keeping your skin soft and radiant before your wedding day is on your to-do list … right? Facials (not too close to the actual date!), a great moisturizer and plenty of sleep help, but so does proper nutrition. Here are five gorgeous-skin foods to add to your […]

Give Me The Glow! – Beauty Treatments For The Bride-To-Be

‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’ The bride of course! Beautifully glowing skin on the wedding day is every bride’s dream.  In the last couple of months leading up to the wedding, brides can indulge in a variety of treatments to give their skin the smoothness required. Exfoliating – Scrubs […]