Bronze Yourself Up With These Makeup Tricks

We are in summer, and that means beach, sun, sea, the fresh air, and full days for relaxing. And the most important thing, the Summer Tan! Having some color on your cheeks and wearing a slightly tanned skin, contributes to make our features look smoother. Let’s be honest, having a slightly tanned complexion makes everyone feel […]

Bronze Makeup Ideas for Tropical Weddings

It’s summer time! Having chosen a tropical wedding you should have a bronze, glamorous look. You don’t have to damage your skin with extra sun exposure, (that causes premature skin aging, wrinkles, and black spots) To reach it, you just have to fake it! Bronze makeup trends are back with all its glamour, to make you […]

The Best Bronzer Products To Fit Your Budget (Plus Tips For Choosing)

Here are The Best Bronzer Products To Fit Your Budget,from Glaminati If you ask us, what is bronzer buzz about, we’ll give you an immediate answer that a bronzer is a must-have product in every makeup bag all year round. During cold months, when your skin is usually paler, bronzers help you warm it up […]

Top 10 Makeup Looks Every Woman Should Try Out

Here are the top 10 makeup looks every woman should try, from Top Inspired: Some use makeup to feel more confident, others for fun and some don’t use it at all. However, makeup allows us to experiment so much with colors and textures and that lead to creating many timeless looks. Some of them are […]