La La’s Ornate my wedding cake? Yes please!

Once again I bring you a selection of lovely ornamented cakes. I can’t stress enough how all details count, when planning your wedding. Without a shadow of doubt the cake is a show stopper in any reception! If you get the cake right, what else can go wrong? Well apart of 10000000000 – ad infinitum- things that […]

Infographic: Cake Servings Guide

Have you ever asked yourself, “How many slices will this cake make?” Well I made this handy info-graphic to show you exactly how many slices each size cake will give you, there are different sizes for Wedding Cakes and Party Cakes, labelled either size of the cake pictures! In case you are confused by the […]

unique cake toppers

Re-blogged from Amanda Jayne Events: To some brides (and grooms) the cake is one of the most important parts of the wedding. Not so much for me. I don’t really like cake. I know, I know. I think it’s because there is a lot of bad cake out there that’s just dry and gross. I like […]

Wedding Cake is Reception Centerpiece

The wedding cake is a delicious and impressive part of your wedding. From tiers to towers, the cake you choose will be a centerpiece of the reception. It’s something your guests will be looking forward to all day! So just how do you choose your wedding cake? Size While you might want to dive right […]

Wedding Cake Table Decor – Ruffled Skirting

Looking for an interesting new way to decorate your wedding cake table so that it makes your wedding cake the star of the reception (read: focal point) – just as its supposed to be? Think ruffled table skirting.  When it comes to wedding decor right now, ruffles are it.  The ruffles give the table a dreamy, breathtaking, beautiful aura.  This table decor idea would be extra-apropo if you […]

2013 Wedding Cake Trends

Cutting a wedding cake is an age old tradition that has stuck over decades and decades of weddings. But even though the tradition sticks, the wedding cakes don’t look so traditional anymore. Here are this year’s top three wedding cake trends. Read it at carrieannsbridalmagazine. Related articles Battle of the Cakes: Wedding Cake vs. Cupcake […]