Go Inside the Closet of Carrie Bradshaw

Wouldn’t you love to go inside the closet of Carrie Bradshaw? Well, here is your chance. Here is a peek inside the closet of Carrie Bradshaw, reblogged from A Stairway to Fashion: Who didn’t dream at least once about having Carrie‘s closet? The most fashionable outfits to wonder the streets of the cities, the restaurants, the most ‘it’ […]

Why you need an engagement ring appraisal

As a bride you want as many options as possible for your engagement ring so that you can make a statement with your engagement ring,  If the traditional diamond engagement ring is not your style, and you want an engagement ring that is both gorgeous and totally unique, then you want to consider  non-diamond engagement rings that sparkle just as […]

Jewel Tones: Colorful Engagement Rings

from Bridal Guide:  Let your personality pop with fantastic engagement rings featuring vivid hues. The newest trend? Bold and colorful engagement rings. They’ve been embraced by Hollywood: Celebrity bridesReese Witherspoon (pink diamond), Beyoncé (yellow diamond), Jessica Simpson (ruby)—even Carrie Bradshaw (black diamond)—all opted for a vibrant, non-traditional look. Below, some of our new favorites. Radiant Red […]