Last Minute Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas

Let’s talk about the Christmas cake that you don’t have ready yet! Haha we know that some days after this family dinner you might not have some details ready like dessert -which definitely cannot be omitted-  These days, probably all the bakeries are full of orders and they will not give you priority so, if […]

Get the Kind of Christmas Treats that Everyone Will Love

When you have no idea what may be the best Christmas gift idea for a friend or co-worker give edible Christmas treats. Don’t you think that they would also make you happy or right about it? Who doesn’t love candy? Let those who say no raise their hands […] Ha! There is no better option […]

Sweetie Christmas Desserts for All your Family and Friends

Unexpected visits at Christmas increase and you have to be prepared to receive all the family and friends who arrive. The best way? Keep Christmas desserts options on your fridge so you can share with every surprise visit! Something as simple as a cake and some cookies could make things easier for you. If you […]

10 Delicious Candy Cane Desserts to Prepare for Christmas

Here are 10 delicious candy cane desserts to prepare for Christmas, from Top Inspired:  The candy cane is one of the most beloved Christmas treats. It is used in plenty of dessert recipes not only because of the way it tastes, but because of the way it looks as well – let’s admit it, seeing candy cane reminds […]