Your Wedding Color Scheme: 6 Helpful Tips for Picking The Right One For You

Your wedding color scheme sets the tone for much of your wedding planning. From your wedding decorations and floral arrangements to your table settings and invitations, the color scheme you select for your wedding   should be one of your first wedding planning decisions. Whether you are the type of bride who likes bold, bright […]

Trend We Love: Lace Details In Wedding Flowers

Ever since Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen dress, lace wedding gowns have been extremely popular. And while we love lace in wedding gowns, lace can also add a romantic feel to decorations, flowers, cakes, and so much more. Plus, this fabric can easily be adapted to fit any color scheme or season. Here are some ways to add […]

Silver Wedding Themes

A silver wedding theme is timeless and elegant. It is ideal for any wedding, at any time of the year, and it is a very easy color theme to coordinate. You can use a silver wedding theme to design a chic and stylish wedding by adding an accent color in a seasonal hue to tailor […]

Roses are red, Violets are blue… And the chair covers are pink

More and more commonly now couples are choosing to theme their wedding day. Themed weddings can be done purely for the fun factor or just to help illustrate the couple’s personalities. Ranging from gothic, to romantic to even under the sea, each theme has its own assortment of color schemes and accessories. Read about a […]

How To Create The Perfect Wedding Color Palette

Navy?  Peach? Taupe? Champagne?   How do you choose the perfect  wedding color palette to suit your style? It turns out that creating a beautiful color palette is actually pretty simple – it’s color theory!  And what color theory is is just a set of rules that explains how to combine colors to produce an […]