How To Style Your Bridesmaids: Unique or Uniform?

Today we offer advice to help you decide on how to style your bridesmaids when it comes to their bridesmaid dresses. Should each bridesmaid wear a different, unique bridesmaid dress or should all of their their dresses be the same uniform style? Your bridesmaids will devote a lot of the time and money to help […]

21 Beautiful Fall Bridesmaid Dress Colors

They have given you their time. They have spent their money. Now you can honor your bridesmaids by outfitting them in stylish bridesmaid dresses. After all of the time and money they spend to help you celebrate your wedding day, your bridesmaids deserve a little extra time and attention when it comes to the bridesmaid […]

20 Stylish Bridesmaid Dresses You Should See

When you add up the cost of the bridesmaid dress, accessories, travel expenses, wedding gifts, bridal shower, bachelorette party and more, it turns out that it costs about $1,700 on average to be a bridesmaid. After spending so much money to be a bridesmaid, many bridesmaids, looking to retain some tangible value from the wedding experience, […]

The Hottest Bridesmaid Dress Trends for Fall 2014

For many brides, not only can choosing bridesmaids be stressful, but deciding the best way to ask their bridesmaids to be in the wedding can be as well. But after successfully choosing your bridesmaids, you also want to make sure they are properly attired. While bridesmaid dresses often get bad press, when done well, bridesmaid dresses can be gorgeous.  With that in […]

Beautiful Floral Patterned Wedding Dresses – Part 3

This is Part 3 of our series “Beautiful Floral Patterned Wedding Dresses”. When it comes to flowers and weddings, you aren’t limited to centerpieces and bouquets. Beautiful floral patterned wedding dresses are a great choice for spring and summer weddings. Pink and girly, bold and eclectic, or boho and free-spirited, a floral patterned dress is a […]



There are some beautiful trends in bridesmaid dresses for 2014. Here we present 5 of those dress trends for bridesmaids: 1) Neutral Colors, 2) Sparkle and Beading, 3) Mixing Fabrics, 4) Pretty Pastels  and 5) Jewel Tones: 1. Neutrals Molly Sims’ wedding was beyond breathtaking and her gorgeous bridesmaids are the perfect example that less is […]