5 Contouring Tips for the Best Face of Your Life

Here are 5 contouring tips for the best face of your life, from Glam Radar: If you haven’t heard of contouring yet, you must have been living under a rock. Contouring is one of the cheapest yet most effective ways to sculpt your face and make it look slimmer and more chiseled. It’s a makeup trick […]

Top 10 Makeup Looks Every Woman Should Try Out

Here are the top 10 makeup looks every woman should try, from Top Inspired: Some use makeup to feel more confident, others for fun and some don’t use it at all. However, makeup allows us to experiment so much with colors and textures and that lead to creating many timeless looks. Some of them are […]

15 Outstanding Tutorials That Show You How To Contour

Here are 15 outstanding tutorials that show you how to contour, from Buzzfeed: 1. Best Overall Contour: Sonjdra Deluxe YouTube / Via youtube.com YouTube / Via youtube.com The only thing to say about Sonjdra is this: Her contour is ON. POINT. If this weren’t a video, I’d assume her final look was Photoshopped because it’s […]

How To Contour Your Face To Look Younger

Here are tips for contouring your face to look younger, from My Makeup Ideas: Contouring is one makeup trend that is here to stay. It has become quite popular in recent years and is a makeup look that a lot of celebrities have made famous. Kim Kardashian is one of the biggest names to rely on […]