Alternative Wedding Cakes: Our Definitive Guide to Cakes With a Difference

Here are some Alternative Wedding Cakes: Our Definitive Guide to Cakes With a Difference, from Confetti, If you’re eschewing conventional wedding traditions, for example choosing to walk yourself down the aisle or opting to spend the night before your wedding with your partner, chances are you might also be in the market for an alternative […]

20 Creative Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake Ideas

Here are 20 creative topsy turvy wedding cake ideas, from Weddingomania: When it comes to selecting a wedding cake you can go the traditional route with a wedding cake featuring piping and flowers, such as these trendy wedding cakes for you to get inspiredor these wedding cakes with creative designs. However if you prefer a […]

Creative Wedding Cakes with Chic Details

Whether the wedding you are planning is large or small, extravagant or simple, you can add panache and style to your wedding reception with one of these creative wedding cakes with chic details, from MODWedding: These creatively beautiful wedding cakes are extra special with intricate designs and colorful details!  There are adorably crafted cakes from Lael […]

Contemporary Wedding Cakes Almost Too Cool to Cut Into

Today we have some contemporary wedding cakes that are almost too cool to cut into.. While the classic confection wedding cake featuring flowers or piping is still popular, many brides are opting to be more creative with their wedding cake choice.  These days there are so many trendy wedding cakes for you to get inspired that wedding […]

A Pinterest-Approved Trend You’ll Love: Stained-Glass Wedding Cakes

Today we have a pinterest-approved trend you’ll love: stained-glass wedding cakes. Gone are the days where the only wedding cakes you see are the classic confection ones featuring flowers or piping.  Now with so many trendy wedding cakes for you to get inspired these days wedding cakes with creative designs reign supreme. Whether they are black wedding cakes or […]


Today we have some trendy wedding cakes for you to get inspired! These days many brides are deciding to choose wedding cakes with creative designs, instead of the traditional, classic wedding cake with confections featuring flowers or piping. Popular non-traditional wedding cakes include black wedding cakes and show-stopping geometric wedding cakes, or newer trends such as the cascade wedding cake as well […]