These Rose Gold Engagement Rings Will Have You Thinking Pink

From Huff Post Weddings: If you want to make a statement with your engagement ring, give a rose gold setting a try! More and more brides are opting for this pink-hued metal in styles that range from on-trend to a little offbeat. Browse our favorite rose gold rings below for inspiration. Photo by: Quest Drape Orlando on Inspired By […]

6 simple engagement rings you will adore

From Ritani: Since engagement rings are made to be worn every day, it’s not surprising that many people look for one that is classic and elegant. Solitaire designs allow the center diamond to command focus, producing lots of sparkle. A plain band ensures a comfortable wear, and a timeless look. Solitaire Diamond Tulip Cathedral Engagement […]

What is the average carat weight of a diamond engagement ring?

From Ritani:  When shopping for an engagement ring, many customers want to know what the average sale looks like. Along with which setting is most popular – and which diamond shape – carat weight is another element that is often asked about. The average total carat weight for an engagement ring hovers just over 1-carat, at 1.18-carats. […]

What does a three-stone engagement ring symbolize?

From Ritani: While all engagement rings symbolize the love you share with your partner, three-stone styles are a particularly traditional way to reference your relationship. Together, the three center diamonds are a tribute to the past, present, and future of your life as a couple. With your choice of center diamond, side stones and band, […]

Totally Unique Engagement Rings That Will Make Your Girlfriends Soooo Jealous – Part 1

Looking for totally unique engagement rings that will make your girlfriends soooo jealous? Even if your tastes and style are unconventional and you prefer something other than the traditional diamond engagement ring. there are many dazzling non-diamond engagement rings available that sparkle just as bright as diamonds, as well as other distinctively stylish and unique engagement rings. Your […]

Diamond Engagement Rings – Carat and Karat: What is the difference?

For your diamond engagement ring – what is the difference between carat and karat? Here is the explanation, from Ritani: If you are shopping for an engagement ring, you will no doubt have encountered the words carat and karat by now. These similar-sounding terms both relate to diamond jewelry and engagement rings. As such, there can often arise confusion over […]