Gorgeous DIY Wedding Centerpiece: Peony Flower Pomander Urn

A gorgeous wedding centerpiece is an essential element of your wedding reception décor, and flower centerpieces are the most popular type for wedding receptions.  There are many amazing, magnificent , and gorgeous floral wedding centerpieces to choose from. Since flowers can be a big part of your wedding budget, it’s not surprising that many brides choose to go […]

DIY Cascading Floral Wedding Centerpiece (With Kale!)

from the knot:  We promise: Kale is as beautiful in your centerpieces as it is healthy in your salads. Stylist and Tulipina Floral Design owner Kiana Underwood takes us through the steps to making a lush organic centerpiece that would fit in just right at your prewedding parties and reception. See the how-to below and find more photos here!     Garden and […]


When it comes to wedding centerpieces, there is a wide array of options to choose from.  You are not limited to the standard vase and floral arrangement. Towering wedding centerpieces, perfect for a high-ceilinged wedding venue, add drama and elegance to tables.  The height of these gorgeous tall wedding centerpieces create a dramatic atmosphere to highlight the beauty […]

DIY Tutorial : How To Make Centerpieces From Grocery Store Flowers

Want an easy way to make a dent in that wedding budget?  How about making your own, inexpensive floral wedding centerpieces? Here is an excellent DIY tutorial on how to make centerpieces from grocery store flowers, from Planning It All:  Instead of our weekly “let’s learn about flowers” post, I have a special treat! My lovely […]


Centerpieces are one of the most most important focal points of weddings. And they can be expensive! Here is a DIY tutorial for an inexpensive and easy-to-make vellum candle centerpiece, from A Practical Wedding:  As one of the less crafty people on the APW staff, I’m always glad when we have a tutorial that takes literally […]

DIY Wedding Centerpiece Moss Pots


Reblogged from Bonfire Events Making really organic hypertufa pots (natural, rock-like containers) can take weeks and weeks of aging.  Here is an easy (cheater’s) way to get really aged looking flower pots without all the age: Supplies Portland Cement (mixed according to directions on the bag) Peat moss Dried or fresh moss A bowl or […]