It’s only natural and sensible for engaged couples to look for ways to save money on their wedding.given the high costs of weddings these days. So if you are the crafty type or just like trying your hand at do-it-yourself projects, then  DIY wedding projects are a great way to cut down on those wedding […]

24 DIY Wedding Decorations That Will Make Your Wedding Look Like A Million Bucks

You dream of a spectacular, lavish celebration for your wedding. But your wedding budget isn’t quite matching your wedding dream. Since DIY wedding projects are a great way to cut down on your wedding expenses, today we present you with 24 DIY wedding decorations that will make your wedding look like a million bucks. Some […]


This DIY is simply amazing- not because it is very elaborate or because it’s full of beautiful flowers, but because it’s one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” things. Anyone could easily replicate it on their wedding day a few hours before it all starts. If you use the right kind of foliage, […]

Wedding DIY: Create Your Own Ribbon Wands

Wedding ribbons can be used in a number of creative ways. You can accent your wedding décor with colored ribbons to match your theme, or use ribbons on gifts, bouquets, tags and more. And as a creative alternative to throwing rice or confetti you can make your own ribbon wands as shown in this post, reblogged […]

Wedding DIY: Budget Friendly Wedding Blooms

Colin Cowie Celebrations Budget Friendly Blooms: Flowers on your wedding day can account for a major portion of your budget, but creating chic decor for less is simple! String large flowers and clippings together and wrap around tall glass hurricanes. Line stairs or a pathway with the glowing hurricanes for dramatic entryways. I prefer to […]

Wedding Decor: DIY or Purchase?


When it comes time to start planning your wedding decor, you will have a few choices to make. One of those choices is should you do a lot of DIY decor or simply purchase it all. Here are some things you’ll want to consider when trying to make the decision. Time Do you have time to […]