Delicious Flatbread Recipes, Perfect For A Weeknight Dinner

A Flatbread is a Mediterranean delicious dish similar to a pizza (but not pizza), it is a piece of bread, that is flat, that most of the time does not include yeast on; in which you can place the toppings that you like the most. The dough can be prepared in advance (for a whole […]

17 Dinner Recipes That Make Just Enough for 1 Person

Here are 17 Dinner Recipes That Make Just Enough for 1 Person, from SELF, Get in and out of the kitchen quickly with these one-and-done dishes. At the end of very long days, I don’t want to spend more time in the kitchen than I have to. And when it’s just me that I have […]

31 Ridiculously Easy Dinners to Make Each Night in May

Here you have 31 ridiculosly easy dinners to make each night in may; from Pure Wow It’s time to put your giant puffy coat into storage, buy a new sundress and scour the farmers market for gorgeous, in-season produce. There’s tons to do and standing over the stove for hours every night isn’t part of […]