11 Easy, Trendy Hairstyles to Try This Month

Here you have 11 easy, trendy hairstyles to try this month; from Pure Wow Va-va-voom hair, glitzy barrettes, a low ponytail tied with a bow: These are the hairstyles of the moment. Lucky for us, time and skill aren’t an issue since these looks couldn’t be simpler. All you need is some fresh inspiration (we’ve got you) and the right tools. STATEMENT HEADBANDS Gossip […]


Here are 45 easy hairstyles for spring break; from Glaminati Spring break is a perfect time to shake off winter mood and refresh yourself. No matter how you’d like to spend this precious time, your hair also needs a rest. So, what hairstyles are the best for your vacation? See our collection of easy hairstyles that […]


Here are 15 easy hairstyles for long thick hair; from Long Hairstyless Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder. Is this true? Yes, definitely. However, for a woman, it also lies in her overall look considering her hairs, makeup and dress. We all know that long and thick hair is considered to be an […]

6 Go-To Hairstyles To Wear When You Are Traveling

Check out these 6 low-key hairstyles that are perfect to wear when you are traveling, from Byrdie: Primping is usually the last thing on our minds when we’re headed to the airport… unless you can call tossing your hair up into a dirty bun “primping.” We’re far more focused on details like being on schedule, making sure our […]

15 Super-Easy Hairstyles for Lazy Girls Who Can’t Even

Here are 15 super-easy hairstyles for lazy girls who can’t even, from Cosmopolitan: Looks so doable you can master them in two to three steps! Just because you’re lazy doesn’t mean you want to look like you DGAF. Here are surprisingly simple yet super-chic hairstyles for the girl who just can’t be bothered. Kathleen Kamphausen | […]