11 Fresh Wedding Favors for the Eco-Chic Couple


You can plan and have a beautiful wedding and honeymoon and still maintain your social conscience about environmental concerns, as we have shown in past articles such as 10 tips for planning an eco-friendly wedding and top eco-friendly honeymoon ideas. And that eco-friendly theme can extend to your wedding decor and accessories, including your wedding favors. Wedding favors, […]

The Top Eco-Friendly Honeymoon Ideas for 2015

Once your wedding day has come and gone, and you bask in the glow of having celebrated in style with your beloved family and friends, you and your new spouse can now enjoy some much-earned romantic time alone. That means that it is honeymoon time! And to show you that you can maintain your environmentally conscious […]

10 Tips to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Weddings have the potential for adversely affecting the environment as a result of the large amount of waste that weddings can generate. For that reason more and more environmentally-conscious couples plan for an eco-friendly or green wedding by integrating eco-friendly alternatives for their wedding in their choices of flowers, invitations, decorations and other aspects of […]