The Engagement Party – Who Pays For It?

Bride and groom cake pops

The engagement party is the official kick-off for your wedding countdown. While traditionally, the bride’s parents hosted the engagement party, these days many couples host their own engagement party. The engagement party is often thrown at the couple’s home or the home of a close friend or relative of the couple, and usually gifts are […]

The Engaged Girl’s Guide to Wedding Etiquette


How to navigate the trickiest wedding planning snafus and awkward social situations so you can have a smooth engagement and enjoy your time as a bride! By Sarah Wexler Photo: Getty Images No, you don’t have to ask your estranged sister to be a bridesmaid. Yes, there are people you won’t be inviting to the wedding […]


Who should “give you away”? From going solo to choosing family beyond mom or dad, the options for brides are better than ever. When bride Lela McArthur walked down the aisle to marry her beloved Steph Figarelle on Valentine’s Day, their union may have appeared unconventional at first glance—after all, they were the first lesbian couple to […]

Wedding Tips & Etiquette – Invitations

Wedding invitations not only provide the important details of the special day. They also give guests their first glimpse of the style, tone, and formality of the wedding that is planned. Following are some tips and etiquette guidelines relating to wedding invitations. Names and Spelling A wedding invitation is issued by the host(s). The hosts’ […]