30 Wedding Program Design Ideas To Guide Your Wedding Guests – Part I

A wedding is an incredibly significant and heartwarming event, especially for the bride and the groom. It represents the start of a marriage, and a couple’s life together. So it should be organized the right way. Having a wedding program plays the main key to keep on track from start to finish because planning a wedding is not a […]

The Etiquette of Wedding Rehearsal Dinners

The Rehearsal The wedding rehearsal is a practice of the ceremony from beginning to end, allowing everybody involved to feel more confident about what will happen the next day. Anyone who plays a role in the ceremony should attend. This includes the officiant, the wedding party, readers, and parents. Walk through the ceremony, establishing the […]

Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Aesthetically speaking, your wedding color theme is the lifeblood of your entire wedding. Your choice of color theme will essentially define the character, tone and feel of what you want your wedding to be. By your wedding color theme alone, your guests will have an idea of what they can expect your wedding experience to […]

Adorable Bridal Clutches

A bride needs something to carry her necessities in for the wedding reception, but a regular full-sized purse just won’t do. Therefore, it’s important to get a bridal clutch or bag before the big day so you can carry what you need. Here are some great ideas that will help you choose a perfect bridal […]

What’s the purpose of an engagement party?

While some may think its an unnecessary way of gaining monetary gifts for your wedding day, others may see it as a way to celebrate two people and two families coming together. If you make it your own, why can’t it be just a fun party? If an engagement party sounds like a wedding- opt […]