25 Super Stylish Kids At Weddings Who Make The Rest Of Us Look Bad

We all know that kids, with their abundance of energy and oftentimes shorter attention spans, can be a challenge to keep busy and out of trouble when they attend grown-up events such as weddings. So if you are planning to have kids at your wedding, then you will want to check out these ingenious ways […]

10 Creative Ways To Make Your Flower Girl Stand Out

Today we have 10 creative ways to make your flower girl stand out.Following behind your bridesmaids scattering flowers down the aisle, your flower girl will definitely be one of the most adorable sights at your wedding. It’s important to make your flower girl feel like she is a special part of your wedding ceremony.  One […]

Adorable Flower Girls: Wee Chic Wedding

The adorable little flower girl, scattering the flowers from her flower basket down the aisle, is certainly one of the most precious sights at any wedding As we noted recently, one way to make your flower girl feel like she is a special part of your wedding ceremony is to twist the flower girl basket tradition […]

Adorable Flower Girl Gifts

Not sure about the gift for the flower girl in your wedding?   Here are a few great ideas, reblogged from MARIELL: Have you noticed that Pinterest seems flooded with adorable flower girl pictures this week? It’s hard not to spend hours browsing and “aww”ing. image via xx Seriously, they’re beyond cute. They’re adorable overload. Cute […]

What About the Children At Your Wedding?


Reblogged from Golden Palace Wedding consultants are good for helping to coordinate extended families including the bride or groom’s children. Many couples nowadays are choosing to have their children be part of the ceremony. For example, sons might play the part of an usher or even a ring bearer. Depending on the age of the […]

Gorgeous Flower Girl Dresses

I Love Gorgeous designs pretty flower girl dresses, or bridesmaid dresses for younger bridal party members. The designs are simple and sweet in a range of classic bridal and muted tones. The dresses are a perfect mix of style and comfort – something that’s just as important for the little ones as well as for […]