Winter Blooms for Wedding

From francymai:  As we all know, most weddings are held during the summer and early fall – think the months of June, July, August, and September. Though not as common, winter weddings are special in their own right and can be extraordinary with the right selection of flowers, branches, and berries particular to the winter […]

Add A Little Oomph To Your Wedding Flowers And Accessories

There’s always the vanilla/traditional way of doing things, but sometimes you feel like you want to add an extra oomph to your wedding flowers and accessories. Taking a fresh and out-of-the-box approach while planning your wedding, allows you to infuse some uniqueness into your wedding.  It could be anything from infusing traditions from other cultures, to […]


Sometimes every detail of a celebrity wedding seems like an elaborate fantasy that you could never attain. But a lot of celebrities’ bridal bouquets can be recreated quickly and inexpensively by hand. And what’s more special than walking down the aisle with a bouquet of your own making? Take a look at some famous arrangements […]

5 DIY Alternatives to the Traditional Bouquet

When a couple announces their engagement, it’s generally assumed that the bride will soon be spending quality time with a florist. But for many of today’s craftier brides, there’s much more fun to be had in creating their own bouquets that reflect the unique couple at hand. Who needs French roses when you’ve got cabbage […]