Go Green On Your Wedding Day, With These Greenery Boutonnieres

The Boutonniere is a fashion wedding complement placed on the left lapel of the groom and groomsmen’s suit jacket, right on the heart. It is usually a floral ornament, although nowadays, it can be found in many other presentations. Its function is to give a touch of distinction and prominence to the person who carries […]

5 Ways to Get Your Groom to Help Out with Wedding Planning

Traditionally, a wedding day is all about the bride. All of that fanfare that surrounds the bride, however, can often leave the groom feeling left in the dust. After all, the bride isn’t the only person getting married;  the groom is a pretty integral part of the wedding. GUEST ARTICLE WRITTEN BY AMBER KINGSLEY If […]


With all the stress that goes into planning a wedding, it’s sometimes easy to overlook that it’s your groom’s day as much as it is yours. He’s listened to your ivory vs. cream dilemmas, dried your frustrated tears and built that custom photobooth you drooled over on Pinterest. It’s only right that you make his […]

Celebrate Your Groom With A Groom’s Cake

The Groom’s Cake! A few months ago, in our post  Do You Have To Have a Groom’s Cake  we discussed how the groom’s cake is one of those old traditions that can be passed up if there is a strict budget or if you just don’t find that you want one. But if you do […]

8 Wedding “No-No’s” for the Groom

While all eyes at the wedding are pretty much on the bride, we also need to consider the groom and offer “No’s Nos” for the groom as well, so that they won’t have any regrets for doing the wrong things. So here is a list of 8 wedding planning tips for grooms which you can read […]