Let’s face it, this wedding website, as well as most other wedding websites, are for brides. The bride’s wedding dress, bouquets, accessories and bridesmaids are the big topics of discussion. With almost all of the attention focusing first on the bride’s engagement ring then at the wedding focusing on her wedding dress and her wedding hairstyle, […]

Grooms with bow ties!

Reblogged from Weddingstory Nowadays we want more out of a wedding, we want it to be more special and for it to reflect our personality. Gone are the days when the parents paid for everything (even though they may still help out) so now we want a say in everything, we want the decorations to […]

Unique Wedding Budget Ideas For The Groom

Brides have gotten fairly good at finding affordable alternatives to pricey wedding ideas. From cutting back on food to using wholesale stores for decor, the wedding budget has become a much easier task. One of the most overlooked aspects of a wedding, though, could use some work. When it comes to the groom, many people […]