5 Ways to Get the Groom Involved That Won’t Feel Like Torture

It’s become almost a given that most grooms are not that interested in the details of wedding planning. But today we have 5 ways for you to get your groom involved that won’t feel like torture. Dont’ underestimate your groom’s interest in your wedding details. Just because your groom exhibits a general lack of opinion […]


What are your groomsmen responsible for? Find out. Name another event in your life where a band of your best buddies and male relatives stand around you in matching garb just to watch you make the biggest commitment of your life? Oh, that’s right. There isn’t one. Your wedding is a huge deal so when […]

The 5 Wedding Details Men Care About the Most


While it varies from couple to couple, it might sometimes seem as if your fiance is less-than-interested in the details of wedding planning. And you may take his general lack of opinion and occasional eye-roll as “you handle it, I’ll just stay here and watch football.” But, as disinterested as he might seem, over time, we’ve come […]