20 Chic Celebrity Short Hairstyles

Check out these 20 chic celebrity short hairstyles, from Short Haircut: Want to change up your whole look with a short hairstyle? Here in this post you will find 20 Chic Celebrity Short Hairstyles that can be inspiring for you! Short hair has many advantages over longer hair. First it will require less hair care […]

15 Captivating Celebrities with Short Blonde Hair

We don’t know if the over-worked phrase ‘blondes have more fun’ is true or not, but we are certain that blonde hairstyles are without a doubt striking in their appeal. The variety of shades of blonde covers the entire spectrum, from dark blonde to the classic honey and caramel blonde to dazzling gold and sparkling […]

How to pull off a red lip like a Hollywood A-Lister

Check out how to pull off a red lip like a Hollywood A-List, from Drop Dead Gorgeously: I can’t help but get all excited when the Oscars are on! I gleefully watch what kind of fashions grace the red carpet, get (probably too) emotionally invested in who wins what (Go Leo!), and I’m even guilty […]

Colorful Wedding Dresses: So Now, and So Not a Fad


When Vera Wang, one of the most famous wedding dress designers in recent history,presents a Fall 2014 runway show consisting entirely of colored wedding dresses, one thing’s for certain: White is slowly loosening its hold on a woman’s wedding day getup. While this trend has been gaining more momentum recently, it’s got a longer history than you’d think: […]