2020 Hair Trends You Must Try

Since ancient times, hair has been one of the elements of beauty that has had the greatest prominence, and not only among women. Like our face, the care and style that we give to our hair allow us to express ourselves artistically in the face of the world. This 2020 is for you to break […]

6 Hair Trends You’ll Still See Everywhere in 2018

Here are 6 hair trends you will still see everywhere in 2018, from In Style:  The mess of a year that was 2017 is officially be over, but in the case of hair trends, expect to be looking back when you’re in need of inspiration on how to switch things up in 2018. Although the coming months […]

2016 Hairstyles, Hair Trends & Hair Color Ideas

Check out these 2016 hairstyles, hair trends and hair color ideas, from Fashion Trend Seeker:  2016 Hairstyles, Hair Trends & Hair Color Ideas.  As we enter 2016 we begin a new season of innovative and exotic hair trends. Everything is fresh, exciting, and perfect for beginning the next page in your storybook. 2016 is all about […]